Ethics and professional identity



In this series of podcasts, Dr Eva Tsahuridu, Policy Adviser Professional Standards and Governance at CPA Australia, sits down with Professor Sally Gunz, Professor of Professional Ethics and Business Law at the University of Waterloo in Canada and Director of the Centre for Accounting Ethics and recently an international visitor at Macquarie University's International Governance and Performance (IGAP) Research Centre, to discuss ethical behaviour and the professional identity of accountants.

“It always comes back to the ultimate responsibility to serve the public,” says Professor Gunz about the challenges of the accounting profession. “You have to remember as a professional of any stripe that even though you may act as a manager many times, you’re different from a manager. You have additional responsibilities. You ultimately have the responsibility to your profession, which translates to serving the public.

“You are there because of that responsibility. And when push comes to shove, if you don’t remember that, the question is, ‘Why are you there?’”

Want to hear more? Find out about professional and ethical challenges facing accounting professionals working in public practice, not-for-profits, business or the public sector. Find out how to preserve professional identity and the balance between protecting the organisation with discharging your ethical obligationswhile maintaining a strong professional network.

Listen to the three podcasts below.


Professional trust, obligation and crises of consciousness:



Ethical obligations:


Common ethical challenges:



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